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Credit card churing (or simply churing) is a term commonly used in multiple well-known communities (e.g. r/churing on Reddit, The Points Guy, Doctor of Credit, etc.). Simply put, it refers to the process of consumers applying for credit cards to take advantage of sign-up bonuses (or other promotions) to maximize the amount of "cash back" or "points" they can get. Many fears that churing is illegal or unethical. However, it is not (well, if you follow the terms and conditions). It is simply a way to "earn back" some of the money that consumers have spent.

Churning is fun, but complex. It requires a lot of planning and tracking. For example, consumers need to keep track of the credit cards they have applied for, the annual fees they need to pay, the minimum spending they need to meet to get the sign-up bonuses, etc. Thus, to simplify the bookkeeping, this project aims to develop a command-line tool to help consumers track their credit card churing activities (there is no offical survey, but personally, I believe a good percentage of churing enthusiasts are tech-savvy and would love to use a command-line tool).

The motivation behind this project is my personal interest in credit card churing and have been annoyed by the lack of a good tool to help me keep track of my churing activities. I hope this tool can help me and other churing enthusiasts replace to Google Sheets or other manual entry methods.

Installation & Usage

With Go installed, you can install the tool by running the following command:

go get -u ysun.co/churn

To use as library, import the package:

import "ysun.co/churn"

If you have a working Nix installation:

nix run github.com/stepbrobd/churn

Source code: https://github.com/stepbrobd/churn